Dear Cissy…

Dear Cissy,

I am starting this blog for you. All of the things I want to tell you, but I fear you are not yet ready to hear and listen. But, my dear, you have so much more to give and be.

But first, you must first reject the lie.  The lie that teaches sex without consequences and  the party girl fallacy, all of  the carelessness. You are miserable and though you don’t act it I know. I know because you hurt yourself. I’ve seen the scars.  You get used, you use others and you are hollow and empty.  You are so much more than a means to an end, more than the sum of your parts.

You are my sister and I love you. But you have bought into the lie. And you are SO much better than it.

And I just wish you would listen, and hear, all that I wish to tell you.

Because, your existence will drastically alter and you will no longer look outward to fill the void in your heart. You will look upwards and it will be amazing.

I know that you love the idea of being Catholic and you claim to be Catholic.

But, you are not. You are a Catholic, in only  the most shallow narrowest sense. And I wish that you come to the full understanding and into full communion with the Church. It is SO much better.

I know it may seem hard because it goes against so many of your gods and it demands so much. But, its power is infinite and fulfilling. And the things it teaches make so much sense, if you give a little time to listen.  And its demands become so easy, the obedience become easier and the blessings pour down. And the freedom you feel is worth all of it.

And  I promise that the pain you carry will disappear.

I promise that the guilts you feel will vanish.

All of the hurts that make you hate yourself and look for shallow fulfillment will leave you.

I promise you will not be sorry, you just need to listen. And accept that our Lord has more love, a deeper love, for you than any love you have ever experienced.

And, sweet sister, you are worth it. You are worth all of it. More than you know.

I hope one day, I show you this blog. When you are ready to listen, and He guides you to him, that the Holy Spirit moves in your hear and that His love overwhelms and envelopes you.

One day.

God Bless,



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