Dear Cissy,

I’m not sure if you know this, but I’ve been in a back and forth with our Auntie, Betty, because she has been peppering me with questions about Catholicism. I’m going to share with you the two posts I’ve shared with her on Facebook. The first letter was on truth.

Here goes:

Objective truth exists. This truth is found in the Catholic church and Her teachings.

I firmly believe that relativistic ideologies and the whole concept of “it is right for me, but I understand if it isn’t right for you” is just lunacy and is, in my opinion, the reason that our world is the way she is.

The Roman Catholic Church is the only empire, the only ideology, which is firmly rooted in natural law and has been teaching the exact same doctrine, unbroken, for 2000 years. She (the Church) even has an unbroken line of succession so that you are able to follow the teachings back to the founding of the Church with Christ.

Natural law is the intrinsic laws found in nature, designed by God. The concept of natural law goes back to the annals of philosophy and other craziness that I’m not super well versed in.

Natural law is an inherent dignity that governs all people regardless of civil law or moral law. I heard an Nigerian priest, or bishop, in a debate with Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry and he (the bishop) said that even before his father’s village was introduced to Christianity they had an understanding of the 10 Commandments and other Christian teaches because they flow from Natural Law. Aristotle, Plato, the Stoics, Aquinas, and so many other philosophers have discussed natural law and a way to govern morality and truth. The Catholic church is merely the protector and upholder to these truths. And it has done so for generations, (but it didn’t used to be standing up for these truths on Her own).

 The truth that stems from the natural law is self-evident. The truths are ordered in a specific way and when things happen in a disordered fashion all hell breaks loose.

For example:

The Catholic Church has always told that contraception goes against nature because it acts against the inherent dignity of the persons involved. Contraception takes an ordered, unselfish natural act (procreative and unitive sex, as nature designed) and turns the sex act into one of impulsiveness, selfishness and immaturity that leads to further evils and assaults on human dignity, (abortion, the killing of a child which is the innocent and logical outcome of sex).

In Humanae Vitae (Pope Paul VI, 1968) posited that if contraception were to become widespread that cases of marital infidelity would rise because men would become so use to infertile sex that reverence for women would be lessened and as a result women would simply become a means to an end. He believed that divorces would rise, sterilizations and abortions would become widespread and society would start to crumble. Rather prophetic, don’t you think? The Catholic Church has always stood up for natural law, and I believe that on many occasions She has been vindicated. And I believe that this is going to continue to happen.


Because the Catholic Church has never taught anything that goes against the inherent dignity or rights of a person, I believe she speaks the truth for all. It isn’t just MY truth it is an objective, universal truth.

The Catholic Church teaches a truth that is contingent on natural law, equality and human dignity. These are truths that can speak to, and for anyone. But, the submission to authority is extremely difficult because it is entirely counter-cultural. That is why people try to take the self-evident truths of nature and the Catholic Church and distort them into something they are not.

 In the bible Jesus said that the world would hate those who spoke the truth because they first hated Him, he also says that the gates of Hell will not prevail against his Church. So biblically, I believe the Catholic church is the true Church. No other Christian Church has lasted, unbroken, since the time of Christ. 

God Bless,


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